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Palazzo Madama is a large historic building that now houses the collections of the Museo Civico d’Arte Antica, Turin’s municipal museum of ancient art. The visit thus consists of two tours in one: you will learn about the history of the palace, and you will also understand the significance of the works of art it contains. The visit covers four floors, taking you on a sort of journey through time: in the basement, down by the Roman foundations, there is the Lapidario Medievale – the medieval stonework collection – with stone sculptures and jewellery, and the Mediaeval Garden outside. The ground floor is mainly devoted to the fifteenth-century castle and to the art of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance. The Baroque rooms on the first floor contain the art of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with paintings, furniture by Piffetti and Prinotto, and the opulent decorations of the rooms themselves. Lastly, on the second floor you will see the decorative arts of all ages: ceramics, ivories, jewellery, textiles, glasswork, and more besides.


– Welcome to Palazzo Madama
– The Museo Civico di Torino
– Moat level: from the Early Centuries of the Middle Ages to the Romanesque
– Ground floor: gothic and Renaissance
First floor: baroque Art
– Second floor: decorative Arts Collections
– Storage rooms: study collection

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